Conference: WAR and its Consequences

February 13, 2015

WAR and its Consequences

Friday, February 13, 2015,  Whitney Humanities Center, Room 208

53 Wall Street, New Haven 

Panel Start Times:

Panel One:     9:00 am

Panel Two:   10:45 am

Panel Three:   1:30 pm

Panel Four:     3:15 pm

This conference aims to foster an interdisciplinary conversation on the theme of warfare, addressing it from a range of scholarly  perspectives with the ultimate goal of posing questions of significant contemporary importance. The papers have been divided into four panels which examine war and its consequences from the following four perspectives:

             1) “Discourse, Language, and Textual Production”   

             2) “Economics, Production, and Technology”           

             3) “Borders, Territoriality, and Citizenship”               

             4) “Trauma, Memory, and Identity”


One hundred years after the outbreak of the First World War, there is no question of the continuing relevance—for scholars and global society alike—of war and its consequences. War continues to undergo nearly constant technological, ideological, and financial transformation while at the same time transforming the world around it. The political, economic, and textual traces of war persist, often in unexamined ways. Critical engagement with war and its consequences should therefore remain at the heart of scholarly inquiry across a wide range of disciplines. The ultimate goal of this graduate student conference is a new scholarly appreciation for the complexity of war and its many neglected consequences.