Joe Miller to speak at ISS on April 14

April 7, 2016

Joe Miller, Director, Strategy, Plans and Policy, U.S. Special Operations Command

We hope you will join us on Thursday, April 14th at 4:30pm in Horchow Hall’s GM Room, for a discussion with Joe Miller on “Problem Framing through Systemic Operational Design.” Systemic Operational Design is an essential method for any organization charged with developing and managing strategy and creating campaigns to respond to unique, sensitive and highly complex situations — an approach enhancing continual learning and adaption.

Mr. Miller was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the cavalry upon graduation from the University of Florida. In his 26-year Army career, he led and commanded U.S. and allied Soldiers from the platoon through brigade level. He has extensive operational experience, including numerous deployments to Kosovo, Bosnia, Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan. He also spent four years as a planner at the joint, interagency and combined levels devoted to counterterrorism efforts. Mr. Miller retired from active-duty service in August 2005 as the Deputy Assistant Director, Strategy, Plans and Policy at U.S. Central Command. Prior to his appointment to the Senior Executive Service in 2007, Mr. Miller was the Chief Operating Miller-Smith Strategic Solutions, Inc. The company provided direct support to the U.S. Special Operations Command’s Center for Special Operations in the development of strategies and plans to support global special operations, as well as to the Army in the development of future concepts and doctrine.

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