Brandon Merrell

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Henry A. Kissinger Postdoctoral Fellow

Brandon Merrell is a Henry A. Kissinger Fellow at ISS and the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs. His research examines the causes and consequences of political violence as they pertain to vulnerable populations, state development, and public health. One branch of his work highlights how exposure to wartime trauma provokes long-term changes in political attitudes and behaviors in affected communities, ranging from increases in support for domestic violence to the erosion of both interpersonal trust and confidence in government. Other parts of his research introduce new causal explanations for war that bring our theoretical understanding of crisis bargaining into better alignment with findings from historical and empirical research. Brandon uses a variety of methods to support his work, including formal theory, quantitative analysis of experimental and observational data, and historical case studies. He received a Ph.D. in Political Science from UC San Diego in 2019 and was previously the Herb York Dissertation Fellow at the Institute on Global Conflict & Cooperation.