James Rogers

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Visiting Research Fellow, ISS, 2018/2019

James Rogers is Assistant Professor in War Studies at the University of Southern Denmark and a Visiting Research Fellow within the Department of International Security Studies, Yale University (2018/2019). He is a member of the Centre For War Studies and the Danish Institute of Advanced Study. James has previously been a Visiting Fellow of the Rothermere American Institute, University of Oxford and Associate Lecturer in International Politics at the University of York. His research focuses on drone warfare, nuclear strategy, contemporary security policy, and the history of warfare. James’ co-authored book ‘Drone Warfare: Concepts and Controversies’ (with Kennedy, C.) is set for release in 2019, his academic monograph ‘Precision Warfare: A History’, is out in 2020, and he is currently working on a trade book entitled, ‘The Delicate Balance of Nuclear War’.

Twitter: @DrJamesRogers