Lizzie Ingleson

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Postdoctoral Fellow

Elizabeth Ingleson is an historian of U.S. capitalism and economic life, U.S.-China relations and the U.S. in the world. Her first book, Making Made in China: The Transformation of U.S.-China Trade in the 1970s (under contract with Harvard University Press), reframes our understanding of two historical narratives of this decade that are usually told separately: deindustrialization in the United States and rapprochement between the United States and China. Taking bilateral trade back to its faltering, uncertain beginnings, she shows how tectonic changes in the 1970s lay the foundations of early twenty-first century globalization, symbolized by labels declaring “Made in China.”

Her next archival project builds on her interest in the changing relationships between trade, diplomacy, and labour through an examination the history of multinational corporations and their intersections with the U.S. state throughout the long twentieth century.